The All-Star Cycled Production Hopper is FUN!

Some of the most even racing found in the game right now can be found in the All-Star Cycled Production, that is unless you go against professionals and then you will get smoked. But this hopper has been where I spend most of my Forza Motorsport 6 time lately. The rotation is simple, choose a track and then the game sets you up with a vehicle. It seems rather random until you play in the hopper long enough. Every single time I get into Nurburgring GP it’s paired up with the fun BMW M3 GT2! Not complaining though, this track and this car makes for some darn good racing.

So yeah, I highly suggest hopping in this hopper (lol) and giving it a shot. The spec racing creates an even playing field and it’s fun to see what some of these cars can do stock. Some of them are really fun! Some of the cars are…..special.


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