BMW M3 GT2 Race @ Nurburgring GP

I have been racing around in the All-Star Cycled Production hopper as of lately and I must say it is a lot of fun and a must try if you play online Forza at all. Each race is a different course with a different car which is forced upon the player and creates a level playing field in a spec lobby! Some of the cars are rough around the edges as you will see below. But sometimes the car/track combo is just right. This being the cause with Nurburgring GP and the BMW M3 GT2, which is a fierce race car that loves to zip around the curves of the twisty German track. I love this combination of car/track and when it comes up I know I am in for a good race.

Here is the first video I did about the All-Star hoppers, where I am forced to race in the BAC Mono and LExus LFA as well as the BMW M3 GT2. Enjoy!


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