Celebrating 350 Subscribers and the Forza/Porsche Partnership

Of course you know by now that Forza (Turn 10) and Porsche have this 6 year partnership deal now and this is a good thing for many many reasons. First off, the next couple of Forza titles SHOULD have Porsche cars already in the game. So, hurray….at least 6 years of Porsche guaranteed within our beloved game.

Secondly, this is a huge thing for not only the upcoming eSports season but for Turn 10 in general. Makes things feel a little more….professional in regards to eSports and Forza as a whole.

and GTR Merginator is now at 350 (359 as of writing this) subscribers! The growth lately has been amazing! At the same time, I am rather annoyed with YouTube as the channel has been demonetized. While I was only making pennies per video, it was annoying to see my progress just come to a halt in that regard. However, I am going to keep up with the content since the channel is more of a creative outlet rather than a job. So let the motorsport content continue!



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